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About Reflexology

Reflexology is a therapy which uses the feet in order to map the whole body. Using manipulation and pressure to certain parts of the feet, I can treat the body as a whole along with any ailments you have. It can restore balance and create a feeling of complete well being. It can stimulate the body's own healing process and encourage relaxation of both the mind and the body.


My focus is your well-being and good health. If you have a physical ailment or are generally feeling unhappy in your life then I am here to help. The mind and body connection is becoming more accepted in life and with my skills I am able to help with both. Some times a hurt that is happening in our bodies is caused by an old emotional wound or blockage and dealing with both can resolve the problem, allowing you to feel better and live a happier and healthier life.

Reflexology can help alleviate the symptoms of common ailments such as;

  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Stress and/or Anxiety
  • IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrone
  • Migraine
  • Back Pain
  • Depression
  • Muscle Tension and Joint Problems and many more. 



£30.00 per 45min treatment



Association of Reflexolgists Reflexology Practitioner Certificate

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I am always happy to help. If you have any questions about Reflexology or if it can help you ,please contact me by telephone on 0775 9918912 or email me at

Reflexology, Counselling and Life Coaching

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0775 9918912



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Reflexology, Counselling and Life Coaching

I live on the Broomfield Borders off Broomfield Road in Chelmford.

I work Monday through to Wednesday and Saturday. Day and evening appointments are available.

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