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I have been counselling my clients for many years with many aspects of their lives. I have been trained to Counsel using a multi model approach. This means I have many skill sets at my disposal such as psychodynamic counselling (looking at a client's past) and Person Centered (listening and allowing the Client to help themselves). I am also trained to use CBT, Transactional Analysis Therapy and Gestalt Therapy.


I believe Counselling can help you deal with troubles in your life from the past that may still be affecting you or with things that are happening in the present such as stress or anxiety related issues. I also believe that counselling can enhance your life and that everyone can benefit from some form of counselling. Why do we always make the same mistakes in life? Or why do bad things keep happening to us? Why do I keep reacting the way I do to things and situations and end up hurting myself and those around me that I love? Counselling can help you with all these questions and once the answers have been found, counselling can help you change and deal with things differently which is why counselling can really enhance you life, making you a happier and more content person throughout your life.



£40.00 for 1 hour session



Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling - Ad Dip PC

Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling - Dip PC

Continued Professional Development Certificate - Working with Dreams

CPD - Working with Adolescents


Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society MNCS (Acc)







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0775 9918912



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Reflexology, Counselling and Life Coaching

I live on the Broomfield Borders off Broomfield Road in Chelmford.

I work Monday through to Wednesday and Saturday. Day and evening appointments are available.

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